When Did Your Dreams Die?

Published: 21st March 2012
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"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." - Gail Devers

I was talking to someone the other day about how their dreams have died. They said they used to believe in love and thought they would have a great life. They never thought they would be divorced twice and be so in debt. And, nothing happened the way they thought it would.

I know from coaching that many people feel the same way. Many believe that their chance for love has gone out the window and what they used to believe would happen, will never happen. Well guess what? The truth is, your dreams haven't died, your beliefs died.

You still have your dreams of how you would like to live your life but somewhere along the line your life took a different course. Your dreams didn't change, they are still there, but your belief that you can have what you want isn't there anymore.

You may have dreamed of being married only once or getting married at all for that matter and today that isn't your reality. What happens is that there you are skipping merrily along down the Lane of Life thinking one thing and someone throws you a curve ball to disrupt your plan and knocks you off your feet.

They've whittled away at your belief of love, marriage, career, finances or whatever, a little bit at a time. There are many factors that contribute to your diminished belief: your wrong choices or their wrong choices. Being left by someone you love, being told you can't do something (and believing it), bad decisions that set you off track, bad investments, betrayal, deceit and on and on.

So because all of these contributing factors added up to not getting what it is you ultimately desired doesn't mean that it's too late. But, here's the rub. Whatever you believe, you're right. So it goes to say that if you truly believe you can't or won't have what you want, you won't. It's that simple.

As I said before, your dream is still very much alive but it is so deeply buried because of all of the disappointment and hurt along the way that you really don't believe the dream is still there. But, if you are honest with yourself and get rid of all the past "stuff" you will see that underneath it all you still want what you've always wanted.

Now that you know your dreams haven't gone away, it's time to face the real culprit of not having what you want; your beliefs. It's all of these little factors that have ripped apart your beliefs. What you believed then and what you believe now are two totally different things. And if YOU don't believe you can have what you want how do you ever expect to get it?

The bottom line is that in order to even have a fighting chance of living your dreams you have to change what it is you've chosen to believe. You have to find that faith and undying belief that you CAN have what you desire.

Change your focus from: It's never going to happen for me, not now, not ever, it's too late, I'm too old, too tired, it's too hard, it's too bad etc. Instead focus on: I know that dreams do come true. I know that what I keep my thoughts focused on will be what I experience. I believe in abundance, goodness, love and faith.

If you can find a way to convince yourself that it can happen just as you've convinced yourself that it can't happen, you will be that much closer to living a better life in real life and not only in your dreams.

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself again and know that you CAN have what you want when you believe you can.


Susan Russo is an author and coach whose work has inspired people from all over the world to take back their power! Would you like to empower yourself to do the same? Discover Susan's 7 Keys to unlock your power and live the life you deserve!

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